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Cristal Taste on a Tap Water Budget

Just so we are all clear, I’d pretend murder kittens for this complete outfit on Leighton Meester:

Oscar de la Renta - Spring 2010Shoes and purse and tan and awesome hair and tons of money et al.



Love This Find: Shabby Apple

I “found” this online store called Shabby Apple and I am IN. LOVE.

The site combines chic, modern style and fabric with vintage shapes and colors. They have simply gorgeous dresses (I’m all about dresses in Summer and Spring (ok, and Fall)), and their jewelry is just as divine.

My personal favorites:

 Avery Amozonite & Avery Black

Red Coral

Like, I have to HAVE TO own this dress. MUST. OWN. BONHEUR DRESS. :

Navy. Swoon. (and don’t you love the coral heels with it?):

Champs Elysees

 Madison Ave.Bette D.(^ YES, PLEASE)

(And again down here:)

IngridAlright, I’m done now. Off to sell everything in my home to get these dresses.



Stylin'... and Under 2

So Huggies has come out with a line of diapers that look like jeans…

I don’t know either.

 (Brahahahah! Diaper JEANie! I slay myself sometimes)


Here’s the link.