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Biotin - Powerful Beauty & Health Supplement

Plagued by decades (my word, I can say “decades” when referring to parts of my life) of skin problems and brittle nails, I have long searched for solutions including thousands of dollars worth of gels, cleansers, pills, creams and more. 

Then, when my first child was born in 2005, I started looking into more holistic remedies for everyday problems, including my hair, skin and nail issue. After giving birth, I used herbal supplements to help with milk supply (such as fenugreek) and continued to take my prenatal vitamins - for both my health and my baby’s.

Fast-forward 8 years, and my desire to find natural solutions and replace prescription medications grew exponentially. I use less cold medicine when sick, less antibiotics overall, coconut oil for a metabolism boost (and for my skin, hair & nails), hormone-free milk, and more. Keeping products that I use on my body, in my body and for my children as natural as possible is important to me. 

Dalvia Wellness Labs - Biotin 5000mcgBiotin, a coenzyme also known as vitamin H, is one of those natural remedies that simply made sense after some online research in my never-ending search for healthier skin and nails (hair too!).

According to this article from Dalvia Wellness, “Studies have shown that aside from better hair, stronger nails and more vibrant skin - having the proper amount of Biotin in the body can also lead to lower cholesterol levels, regulated blood sugars, weight loss and other health benefits.”

So when I was offered the chance to try Biotin and review it for my site, I jumped! Dalvia supplied me with 2 60-count 5000mcg bottles of Biotin and I have been taking it once daily for nearly 2 weeks now.

The first change I noticed was in my nail bed. Over the years, through proper diet and vitamins, my nails have become longer, but not as strong as they need to be - frequently breaking. Since starting Dalvia’s Biotin supplements, my nail bed is noticeably healthier; with no calcium deposits and my nails aren’t breaking (at all!). 

And my skin? I haven’t had a major breakout since starting my Biotin from Dalvia. I still use my natural cleanser and coconut oil for moisturizer, but combined with this supplement my skin is glowing. During seasonal changes, I suffer from mild psoriasis around my nose and although that is present, it is far less severe than in previous years. I’m going out on a limb here to say it MUST be the Biotin!

Side effects do include frequent urination - and that’s definitely one I’m experiencing. However, I’ve also increased my water consumption as a result. My thought process being whatever comes out, I must replace.

I’m personally excited to see the results of using Biotin in my hair length, as I feel I’ve reached my limit (almost halfway down my back). Biotin is known for producing stronger, healthier, shinier hair and that might be my answer for a few more inches of locks.

Ready to give Biotin a try? Click here for Dalvia’s Amazon listing for 2 60-count bottles of Biotin (a great value at $19.97 for both bottles).

Dalvia Wellness also offers a wide variety of other holistic, natural solutions for you and your family’s health, such as Rasberry Ketones for weight loss. This powerful natural mix of Raspberry Ketone, Acai Berry, African Mango, Apple Cidar Vinegar, Grapefruit Extract, Green Tea Extract, Kelp and Resveratrol is available in a concentrated liquid form for fast results and easy absorption. 

Here’s a video on how Raspberry Ketones might be right for you:

Here’s the link if you are interested in trying Raspberry Ketone Pure Liquid Ultra Drops for your health and weight loss!


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Your Business Will Take Flight with an eMarketing Specialist!

Paul Therond (right) with New York Times Best Seller Raymond Aaron, branding expert.Online marketing, for many, is a tedious, overwhelming task. Without an online presence, businesses fail to launch, thrive and produce. With the services of an eMarketing Coach, you can spend less time worrying over online marketing campaigns and execution, and more time handling your business.

Paul Thérond, a valued eMarketing Coach, enables his customers to take control of their website directive using his experienced team of programmers, copy writers and all-around creative minds.

What makes Paul and his team more valuable than a website building company or social media strategists is that he is a one-stop shop. His eMarketing strategies are backed by a strong emphasis on research and education, as well as hard-hitting analytical evaluation and creative processes. On, the blog alone is an excellent source of eMarketing information for any size business – evidence of his vast understanding of the ever-changing marketing scene.

In this blog post on how an eMarketing consultant can utilize your Google Analytics to achieve a better website, Paul Thérond breaks down each of Google Analytics 4 main areas: Search Traffic, Referral Traffic, Direct Traffic and Campaigns. Need an example of how a daily email marketing campaign can benefit you? I suggest this blog post in which dissects the overall eMarketing strategy for email marketing, and provides his recommendations for which email marketing service will help your achieve your goals.

One of the best aspects of Paul Thérond’s services is how simple it is to “dive right in”.  It doesn’t take a large commitment of your time or money to get started, as opposed to signing a long-term contract with a creative company. He offers a 1-hour eMarketing consultation, and then his services are broken down into monthly blocks of time (2 hours, 5 hours and 10 hours) known as a “Service Accumulator Plans”. This genius option provides the client with the ability to have their chosen amount of time committed to eMarketing goals and maintenance per month, and any unused time is banked – each tier allowing for more time to accumulate.

For more information on how an eMarketing consultant can move your business forward, visit Paul Thérond and his team at


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Jul062013 - Gifts for the Entire Blended Family

As I’ve mentioned in another post, I am a Stepchild to a pretty awesome Stepdad. Although he has no biological children of his own, he has managed to learn to love my two children and me unconditionally. 

It’s this special role - one not required by genetic makeup or marital vows - that offers unique and heart-felt gifts for. Here you’ll find gifts for stepdads, stepmoms, stepchildren, and gifts for the blended family for any occasion. 

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift for your significant other (from the children, of course!) can be stressful – the selection for “stepparent” gifts in stores is dismal, at best. Although divorce is common, and remarrying is typical after divorce, the availability of ways to celebrate a truly blended family is few and far between.

At, you can find the ever-popular Father’s Day gift, a coffee mug, but with a kick. 

“Dads are a gift from God… and so are Bonus Dads!” reads one product. I love this! The idea of my children having their real dad and a bonus dad takes some of the negativity out of the word “stepfather”.

And that’s truly one of the many goals of – to take some of the negativity surrounding divorce and stepparents and turn it into something worth celebrating!

Many of the products available are customizable - size, color, etc and are available in many affordable price ranges - making it simple to find something for everyone. 

Want some ideas for gifts for your entire blended family? covers all of your “step” bases with cards, photo frames, t-shirts and more. My personal favorite from the section for gifts for the whole family is a poster that says:


“Our Blended Family

Not Blood Related,

But Heart-Connected”


Whether for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or for no reason other than to share the love, is a great resource for gift-giving ideas. Also, check out their blog – full of tips, sounding boards, advice and much more at


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Using to Find the Absolute Best Price for Your Next Car Rental

As a mom, getting the most bang out of my buck happens only with careful planning. 

It’s no surprise then that when planning our family vacations, I shop around online for the best possible deal. And odd are – you do too. That’s why so many comparable rate sites are popular – such a Kayak, Expedia, and Priceline. They offer the consumer the ability to search using specific criteria (date, type of vehicle, location) and compare rates without the hassle of dealing directly with each car rental company, one at a time. 

The good news is that if you’ve been using these comparable rate sites – you HAVE been saving money! The bad news – you haven’t been saving nearly as much as you could have had you used coupons. Here are 5 signs you are overpaying on a rental car

Coupons are a hassle. Many are worth very little, are difficult to find, have outrageous fine print and expire too quickly. I personally avoid coupons unless they are of significant value or are for something I frequently purchase. That is why it never occurred to me to search online for coupons for my car rentals!

I knew certain companies offer special rates- like AAA and AARP, or credit card specials from American Express or Discover. But did you know that if you aren’t using a car rental coupon site like Zalyn, you still aren’t getting the best possible rate?

Zalyn isn’t just a rate comparison site – it’s a coupon database search engine.

This means that with your rental criteria entered, Zalyn will search for the best rate AND a coupon. Even more surprising? Zalyn can even find stackable coupons – getting you the absolute deepest discount possible for your next car rental.

One of the absolute best features happens after you sign up for a free profile. You’ll notice when your results are presented, Zalyn offers the option to sign up for free. This one-page profile asks for only your name, zip code and gender before letting you select the credit cards, memberships or other discount options for rental cars you may be involved in. For example, I have a Discover card (which I know has a rewards system for rental cars), and I am a member of USAA. Zalyn remembers these things and provides additional promotional discounts based on the memberships you selected in the profile stage, and when applicable, shows you how you can apply your discounts to other coupons:



Of note, you will likely have to provide proof of membership to receive your discount from the rental company, so no cheating!

Travel Blogger, The Points Guy, reviewed Zalyn and created a walkthrough with his specific travel requirements. Check out his post Save Money on Car Rentals with One commenter, Andy posted 9 months ago:

Tried it for my week long trip to Denver at the end of the month. Found a great deal from Budget for literally half the regular price, down to $185 instead of $352. I usually find the best deals on Hotwire, but it beat Hotwire too!

Want to better understand how Zalyn works? Check out What is Zalyn & How It Works or this entertaining, yet super informative video:



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The Benefits of Breastfeeding with


The Benefits of Breastfeeding & Top-Rated Nursing PillowsBecoming a new parent, in part, means you’ve officially inherited an innumerable amount of decision making scenarios - for you, your newest addition and your family. From diapers to college, moms (and dads!) have options abound. It’s important to give serious thought to the decisions we make, and when it comes to nutrition for a newborn, the choices come down to two: breast vs. bottle.

As a mother of 2 children who were nursed for a combined total of 3 years (and 3 months), I understand the pressure a pregnant mother feels when it comes to choosing between breastfeeding and formula feeding. With each child, I occasionally supplemented with formula, so I also understand the pros and cons of not breastfeeding. The best advice I have is to do your research, talk with friends and family memebers, and of course, consult your physician.

Aside from my personal (very long) list, according to MommyEdition, many of the benefits of breastfeeding include:

Less incidence and severity of respiratory illness.

Breastfed babies are less likely to have GERD (reflux) and colic.

Higher IQ – an average of 8 points, and possibly more if baby nurses well into toddlerhood.

Less incidence of urinary tract infection.

But did you know there are benefits for mom and dad, too? A new mother’s uterus will shrink faster if she breastfeeds. Her risk of osteoporosis, breast cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, postpartum depression, and ovarian and endometrial cancer decrease. Many women use breastfeeding as a form of additional contraceptive, as nursing delays the return of ovulation.

MommyEdition also points out the financial and environmental benefits of breastfeeding (think of all the money! and all the formula cans you are saving from landfills! but also the money!). You’ll be saving so much, you could go ahead and plan that trip to Disney!

Once you’ve made your decision on whether to breastfeed, one of the few “getting your baby fed” investments I recommend for breastfeeding moms is a quality nursing pillow. There are so many options these days - styles, firmness, covers, straps, pillows for multiples - even inflatable varieties for travel - here’s a great article to help you make an informed decision on which top-rated nursing pillow is right for you.


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