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One Banana


Had I of taken 1 banana, and cut it in half, neither child would've eaten a single bite. Promise.

(Wanna know how to save a banana [or two....] from an icky brown future? Put it in a plastic bag, throw a few drops of lemon juice in there and shove that sucker in the fridge. Keeps them good for a day or two. Same tip works for apples, obviously, but most don't think to use it on the Nanas)

Reader Comments (1)

Thats great! Gabi won't eat a banana unless its whole and she gets to peel it, she doesn't realize i'm making it easier for her by cutting it up. Not to mention if its cut up it doesn't get laidon every cloth surface in the house!

January 14, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterBeth Ann

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