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Amanda Actually Does A Follow-Up

I’ve always… what’s the word for it… oh, yes… SUCKED at doing follow-up posts. Big things are about to happen and I blog about them, then they happen, and I blog about it, and then… *crickets*.

Good thing I realize this, yes?

Since my “posting like a crazy person to spark my blogging” didn’t exactly pan out, how about I do this: actually do some follow-up blogging. I can’t promise I’ll answer every question or find every unanswered topic because well, that takes commitment and at this point you guys know me. So.

Over a year ago, I ventured into the land of Having an IUD (intra-uterine device). Sorry kids, yes, this means I’m going to talk about birth control now. Hide ya wife. (if that reference makes no sense to you, you better be watching that video)

In my most confusingly title, and SEO-killing, post about My Mirena I shared with my readers what a glorious and confusing time this was for me - venturing into obtaining a long-term option.

I even blogged as I got it. Dedication, indeed.

(Yes, I realize I just said I am not committed in one sentence, and then that I’m dedicated in another, but just stay with me people and don’t ask questions)


Ok, y’all - it hurt. Not even going to lie. For a few weeks, I was scared to bend over for fear that this foreign thing would just pop right out of my uterus and burst out of my skin little lower than my belly button. Which would be difficult to explain in a Target store, so I opted for the “kneel down and pick up” method. I also slept like a Barbie doll does - arms to the side and on my back.

Then there was the weird bleeding. On for 18 days, off for 4, back on for another week. But then? Nodda. I went 8 weeks with nothing.

Now that I’m accustomed to it, I don’t really get periods. Loverly.

TOO MUCH INFO ALERT. Insert whatever alarm sound you’d like here.

I do get a ton of cervical mucus. I know, that’s gross. But it’s the truth. It’s how the Mirena works - it thickens your “stuff” (I love science) so nothing “does what it is supposed to”.

I get random pains in my uterus - quick ones. But I’m not dealing with cramping any more, so I consider it a fair trade.

Hormonally? At first? I was kind of a mess. I was going through other stuff too, so really I can’t tell you exactly what was a side effect of the Mirena and what was not. Now, a year out, things have calmed down though. 

So my side effects that I know of are the following:


  • Hair loss. this is a “recentish” thing that I thought was due to stress. Turns out? Nah. It’s totally the Mirena. I’ve been pulling out a good bit every single morning for 3 months now. I have THICK hair, or had thick hair, so for now? It only slightly freaks me out. I pay to get it thinned, so this is money saving, yes? I’ve been thinking I should see my GYN about this…
  • Headaches. Nothing severe as I’ve been prone to them my whole life, but these are different. I get them in the front of my head. They seemed to be timed with ovulation.
  • Oh. Right. Ovulation. I have been able to tell/feel when I ovulate for a few years now and this sucker only makes it slightly more obvious. I will have slight cramps, more of a “sharp” feelings the days I am.
  • No kids. Yes. This is a side effect. The good kind. Well, I mean.. it’s not going to get rid of your current offspring, so if you are looking for a drug to do that… maybe try google? Or I hear you can drop kids off at fire stations. 


I THINK that’s about it. Because my mom is reading this and because I’m divorced and therefore single, I have no comment on what a Mirena is like during sexual activity. But, for the record, you can’t feel the thing. (TWSS)

Any questions? What to do for my next follow-up!?!

(HAHAHAHA! Thought: what if I say I’m doing to do follow-ups but DON’T follow-up?! Oh! The irony!)



2 in 1. 

And no, this isn’t a gross post about that nasty video gone viral. (Mom, do not click that hyperlink) (Link is SFW as it’s just the wiki article)

Here’s my post this week on B-Metro. I wrote it in a parking lot. Such is my life these days.

I’m sitting in my car in the parking lot of a Starbucks using their free internet that cost me exactly 4 dollars and 90 cents. This is the mommy version of how cool you thought you were in college when you’d wear sweat pants and a homecoming tee to the coffee house of your choice and pretend to study while slouched in a knock-off leather chair drinking iced mochas.

We all know you were on Facebook.

And it’s ok, because I am too right now.

But in grown-up land, this is called “responsibility” and “multi-tasking”. Also of relation - “stressed”, as this is my only option since Conner is currently dropped off at his weekly speech lesson leaving Chase and I to stay in the general area. It’s just enough time to not be able to do anything, but slightly past the time one would find acceptable for sitting in the car and picking at split ends.


Read the rest, in which I tell you how my life DOES go (for now) after the jump.

Funny thing about the photo - it’s mine.

That’s right, I take my OWN stock photos.

I have a folder on my computer full of pictures of random items - marbles (because if I have to keep them somewhere, why not on my computer?), food, stairs (clearly), shells, you know… nouns. Photo stock websites get pricey, google searches either blow or you have to deal with credits. Why not make your own? I started with a few random shots, you know, the ones you’d normally delete or the ones your kids took. Actually, one of my favorite/best stock photos is one Conner took of my printer printing a post out of mine!

So there you go. Two posts in one. What has this world come to.


Position Filled - On B-Metro

From 2010-09-25

A few months ago, one of my first posts was Mommy Seeking Mommy, a horribly obnoxious take on
my never ending search for another mommy friend (…that didn’t suck) - in short, I’ve found that “dating” other moms is way harder than finding a husband. Fortunately for me, I somehow stumbled into the most awesome mommy marriage ever not but a few weeks later. You are all invited to the wedding.

This past weekend, our relationship was tested as we slung it into the dark ocean known as “vacation together”. We risked it all, really. It doesn’t get an scarier for 2 moms than forcing their children into the same living space for several days with no exit strategy. If someone doesn’t like something? You are stuck (unless you want to drive).

Read the rest (please) after the jump!


Dear Everyone,

Dear Everyone,

Yes, this blog is taking a hit. Although it is my therapy, sometimes therapy is all talk and no “do”. With that said, I’ve been doing more and talking less. I have lots of news, and things to share, and hopefully most of it is positive. 

For now? You get Surface Only Amanda - when stories about the boys that are deemed meant to be shared get shared, and the internet makes me smile and laugh and I have to post it here.

Like this:

And everywhere, “pleases” and “thank yous” and “excuse mes” with that voice like butter on hot toast. Make that a biscuit. They don’t do toast down here. 

From an article called:

Commentary: Southern hospitality is no joke at Alabama.

It’s a must read.

Or when I stumbled across houndstooth heels that would go perfectly with my new red dress.

Buy! Me!You’ll all get the details soon - it’s something (somethings, rather) big enough that can’t be avoided without me assigning Surface Only Amanda to write for this site for all eternity. Having patience with hushamanda is something most of you know as common practice.

Welcome to my world.

Much love,




Letting Go - One Field Trip At A Time

This time last year, I was a wreck. My baby, my eldest baby rather, was on his way to his first mother-less field trip. Younger sibling wasn’t invited, so I was left to stay home and obsess over whether the roads were too slick or if the mother driving him was another Diane Schuler in booze cruise mode. I even emailed her to ask if she actually had an alcohol problem.

When it came time to drop Conner off, I found the non-alcoholic mother that I had only hours before interrogated via email in the hallway before school started. I gave her detailed instructions on how to properly install a car seat - she has 3 children. I reminded her to “be careful!’ although her own child would be in the same vehicle.

Yes, that mother. It’s hard not to be that mother though in certain situations as I’m sure we’ve all done our fair share of complete and total freak outs for no legit reason.

Except that life is a legit reason, which simply pacifies our need to overprotect and love.

This morning, I went through our typical school morning routine. It wasn’t until 20 minutes before we left that I realized today was field trip day. No obsessing. No partially psychotic emails. All the chickens had their heads intact (although I did feel a bit frantic when, at first, I couldn’t find his field trip shirt). I didn’t even feel the urge to sit in the parking lot of the field trip’s destination. Rather, once at school, I uninstalled Conner’s car seat, lugged it up the stairs and into the hallway, dropped it off at the door, kissed him and told him to have a great day.

I confirmed with the teacher that they’d be back at the normal time and turned to leave with a pleasant “have a wonderful time!” and a kiss blown to my little man.

The journey we are all on is towards letting go. That will never be an easy pill to swallow, but the best news is that much of it happens naturally. As mothers and fathers, we understand that our children will forever be ours. Field trips, apparently, become easy. Which, I’m sure, means that overnight stays or weeks at camp are next. I’m prepared, I suppose. It doesn’t mean I won’t cry when he leaves or over pack him in case of nuclear fallout, but those things mean I love him. And really, that’s all we can do.