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Dear Everyone,

Dear Everyone,

Yes, this blog is taking a hit. Although it is my therapy, sometimes therapy is all talk and no “do”. With that said, I’ve been doing more and talking less. I have lots of news, and things to share, and hopefully most of it is positive. 

For now? You get Surface Only Amanda - when stories about the boys that are deemed meant to be shared get shared, and the internet makes me smile and laugh and I have to post it here.

Like this:

And everywhere, “pleases” and “thank yous” and “excuse mes” with that voice like butter on hot toast. Make that a biscuit. They don’t do toast down here. 

From an article called:

Commentary: Southern hospitality is no joke at Alabama.

It’s a must read.

Or when I stumbled across houndstooth heels that would go perfectly with my new red dress.

Buy! Me!You’ll all get the details soon - it’s something (somethings, rather) big enough that can’t be avoided without me assigning Surface Only Amanda to write for this site for all eternity. Having patience with hushamanda is something most of you know as common practice.

Welcome to my world.

Much love,