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One Million Less to, 1 million less people visited Alabama beaches last year.

Thanks, BP. 

Here’s the link for more information.


Also, PETA praises Alabama prison for vegetarian options.

What do you think? Check out the post here.



Busy Bee

Can I just tell you how insanely busy I am?

Well, you know. Not at this exact moment - right now I’m sitting in my bed, typing a blog, eating a Jolly Rancher. BUT OTHERWISE, I’ve got a load of laundry going, a 2 page packing list (yay lists!), one child at school 45-minutes from “pick-up” time and after today, only ONE more actual school day left.

High fives?

Oh, and after typing that last paragraph, I had to co-ordinate a Mother’s Day card debacle (I mixed up cards last night since I had both boys with me at the store) and now I’m on hold trying to get Conner’s prescription filled before our vacation. Tangent: Why is it that when I try to spell our last name, the letter “z” just puts people into a shocked, panic mode that makes them completely incapable of accepting that YES, words do actually start with the letter ‘z’? IT IS STILL A LETTER, NO MATTER HOW “RARE” YOU FEEL IT IS. I don’t even try saying the whole name anymore, I just start spelling and sometime after the FIRST LETTER, people are all “D - as in dog?” NO, MORON. ‘Z’ as in “Zaaa-what-Is-Freaking-WRONG-WITH-YOUR-BRAIN?


OH! By the way, that’s why I’m so busy. Well, mostly that’s why - we are looming over a beach vacation. Yes, it’ll be to the Gulf Coast wherein we will likely encounter lots of oil-related travesties. But, for those of you who are reconsidering your Gulf-region stay, might I ask you to reconsider? Because see, those are fishing communities. Destin, FL (where we are staying) has deep roots in being dependent on the fishing, crabbing shrimping, and … lobstering (?) industries. Yes, the beaches might be a little .. spotty (oil-spill humor, too soon?), but those areas also thrive on something else - tourism.

We stop going and our dollars stop fueling (another pun) those cities - along with the lack of revenue from the oil spill’s wake, and we cripple our beloved Gulf coast.

So don’t, mk?

Glad we’ve gotten this out of the way.

I can’t wait to get my hands of some shrimp. And crab. Oh…. the crab.

This year should be fun, as it’s really the first year that both boys are mostly out of the Baby Years. Yes, Chase is still in diapers (sometimes), but no bottles + a child that eats at the Big Boy Table + Obligatory Nap Session being a short afternoon diddy = VACATION WIN.

Back to my Craziness - I’m slammed. So, my apologies for being a tiny bit busy this week and trying to blind you with pictures of my handsome boys. Did it work? 

(When I titled this, I kept thinking about The Flight of the Bumblebee:


 (That’s with EIGHT pianos! Geek win.)