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One Million Less to, 1 million less people visited Alabama beaches last year.

Thanks, BP. 

Here’s the link for more information.


Also, PETA praises Alabama prison for vegetarian options.

What do you think? Check out the post here.



Sharks and other fish congregate in shallow water - YouTube



Don't Cancel Your Vacation And Other HodgePodgy Stuff

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Usually when I’m behind on posting, I get “overwhelmed” and don’t know where to start. So, I’ll just do a round-up of crap so I can link you guys to my B-Metro post sometime later today, and then start back with regular posting tomorrow!


So we are home from the beach, obviously. Well, maybe that’s not “obvious” seeing as this is The Internet and all, but yeah. We are.

It was a great time, really. The boys both love the ocean, just as I did when I was younger. Everyone is tan and tired. Just what the beach is good for!

Aside from it being a wonderful time, the Gulf region is suffering right now - truly. What I just don’t understand is why. Why are so many people cancelling reservations for LAST week or this week? Are they incapable of checking the news? 

Look at this water! And the beach! It’s pristine - not one thing hindered us from enjoying every part of our beach vacation - fresh seafood and all.

From 2010-05-14


The impact of the oil spill is all abuzz around town. Charter boats are worried about the lack of tourists, some shutting down certain tours to cut down on costs with their already dwindling numbers. Fishermen are STILL fishing, and bringing in fresh, delicious catch every morning, but if no one is there to eat it… what happens?

Condos that normally book a year out are at 50% capacity - why? I understand if you have to cancel because you travel from Forever Away and can’t risk oil showing up in the middle and it “ruins your whole world”. There ARE people out there that “can’t be bothered”, but for the rest of you, please know this:

If oil washes up or floats nearby during your stay, hindering your Fabulous Vacation Of Awesome, these places are more than willing to refund you for the rest of your stay. What they NEED is for you to give them a chance. Stop playing the Panic Game, enjoy the Gulf. It’s positively beautiful - still.

Ok, so that was another rant.

Shorts from the first part of this week:

  • I tried Shakeology this morning and LOVED IT.
  • Went to Bham yesterday for a psych. appointment and am very glad I did.
  • Back on Wellbutrin and something for anxiety. More on that later.
  • This link between ADHD and pesticides has me interested. As my mom pointed out, funny how pesticide use rose and we started hearing more about over-active children, eh?
  • We are going to DisneyWorld!!
  • Old people at the beach freak me out. All they do is sit around and stare at you. One woman WATCHED MIKE PACK OUR CAR without saying a word. Then she blurted out “I’ve always loved little boys. Probably always will”. MOVE ALONG, CREEPY LADY.
  • WHEN DID CONNER GET SO OLD? “Thank you momma. I really appreciate it”.


And other stuff happened too, but I’m pretty sure my beach rant took up a good bit of your attention and you’ve long since moved on to another page. I don’t blame you.


On B-Metro: Vacation

I swore I wouldn’t do a “i’m on vacation” post, so I ended up doing… an “i’m on vacation” post. You are shocked, I know.

This week on B-Metro:

For the week, we are enjoying no appointments, no school (because it’s over!) and no commitments. This isn’t the lazy week I remember from my youth, but rather, something different, yet amazing.

Here’s what I’m re-learning about how to define “family vacation”:

Conner will always need the first aid kit during nap time. Of course, for the first two days, the first aid kit was located in the same room as Chase’s sleeping self. Today, I will remove said first aid kit from that room and place it in a more accessible location.

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With Love, From the Gulf...

Conner’s last day of school for the year!

From 2010-05-10
From 2010-05-10


And, of course, the beginnings of our beach trip….

From 2010-05-10


From 2010-05-10


From 2010-05-10

I want ZERO comments on the hat. It’s my effort to keep skin cancer at bay seeing as I have a solar panel for a forehead….


From 2010-05-10
From 2010-05-10
From 2010-05-10


From 2010-05-10

 He passed out in the car on the way to the Lucky Snapper (some amazing food) around 6:30. Mike carried him inside, we ate, he slept in the booth.

Then we finished, and carried him to the car. We buckled him in, grabbed some Krispy Kreme, and headed back to the condo. He then slept for another hour, only lured awake by the promises of chocolate creme-filled doughnuts. He is SO my son. :)

From 2010-05-10

::See? He doesn’t even mind that I’m tickeling him :) -

I've been tickeling and all I get is ...  on Twitpic

The only real “oil spilled” related sign is this:

From 2010-05-10

 ^ That’s hair. It’s kinda everywhere, but not bothersome. Hair naturally absorbs oil, so they’ve been packing it into sandbags and dropping it in the ocean.


Chase won’t look at the camera (“very busy, gah!”). So, his feet

From 2010-05-10

 “I claim this ENTIRE BEACH AS MINE!”

From 2010-05-10


112 pictures - one face shot, and he’s being pissy. GO FIGURE.

From 2010-05-10


From 2010-05-10


From 2010-05-10


From 2010-05-10


From 2010-05-10

 “Too busy to stop!”

From 2010-05-10