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They Say It's My Birthday

Ahh. Life changes. I’m becoming all too familiar with the concept.

Frank-ness time: I’ve always been very familiar with the concept, but that first line makes for a better opener.

Stuff, again, is going on. But it’s all timed… oddly… and by “oddly” I mean “hand of God-ly”. 

This weekend, I celebrated my birthday… the whole weekend, really. I haven’t done that in years. The last truly “special” birthday I recall, the kind where you celebrate more than a day, was my 19th birthday. For some reason, I recall it quite well. I was surrounded by friends, I was single and life was just.. good.

For the same reason, this birthday has also become special. It’s not the flood of texts, calls or FB posts that make me realize how many people I have around me, but the messages themselves. It’s not 100 “Happy Birthday!!!”s, but the sincerity behind many of them that truly mean something.

My friends, and for once - a piece of my family, went out on Saturday night to see a band play for a few hours. I ended up with 3 birthday (cup)cakes over the course of 3 days… with a 4th to come this Saturday (and that doesn’t count the 1 I bought for myself).

My mom and dad are being positive right now, which helps immensly. My sister, for once, isn’t my “bad guy” and she’s about to marry a truly awesome person that I can’t wait to (secretly) call my “brother”. My best friend? Well, she’s just plain awesome. And my other friends? They are kind of rocking right now too.

The boys sang the happy birthday song to me in the car this morning over the phone with their dad. I smiled as big as one can in the early morning hours.

They say it’s my birthday… and it sure does feel like a party.

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