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7 Quick Takes - Cake, Thieves, Mickey and More

Lots of “quickies” so I figured what better way to get them all out than a 7 Quick Takes! Here goes:


Chase, as we all know by now, is the early bird in the family. As I have also mentioned before, he NORMALLY chooses this time to lie on his tummy in the playroom flipping through a book or quietly “crashing” 2 cars together. Sometimes, unfortunately, he chooses to aggravate the ever-living crap out of me for morning sport instead.

But this morning, he chose to have some time with Mickey Mouse.

I walk into the living room to find the following:

Chase, on the couch. He is comfy, leaning against a pillow with the couch’s throw blanket nestled up to his chin. In his hands? The ipad. Somehow, he navigated to our saved searches in YouTube and was watching his favorite classic Mickey Mouse short.

Genius child.


Conner, while playing a game this morning:

“Go Conner, Go Conner, We’re winning, We’re winning”

Actual lol’s here, people.



Our internet and cable went out mid-week, which of course made me slightly twitchy. So to occupy myself, I baked. A lot.

First this Baked Lemon Pasta, via The Pioneer Woman. It was DIVINE. 

Upon checking on the internet’s status and realizing it was still out cold, I googled “butter cake” and decided on this one - Kentucky Butter Cake.

Honestly, it turned out quite well. See:

From Drop Box

And then I made the butter glaze that is mentioned in the same recipe. Only thing is, due to several time constraints (it being 9 at night, and Michael wanting to finish a movie so he could get it back before it was late) coupled with my known-quirk of having ZERO patience, I iced it in the pan.

What’s the problem then?

You are supposed to FLIP over the darn cake before icing. Duh.

So. Um. Yeah. What’s a girl to do? Well this girl made another batch of glaze and poured it over the “new” top, post-flip.

It’s really good, needless to say.


I listed this ring on eBay, no? Well, it sold. Eh. Ok, better yet… it “sold”.

I received an email from eBay informing me that “Your item has sold!!”, so I immediately did The Happy Dance all the way to my computer only to be met with this email:

Dear seller,
I’m committed to buy your item and to let you know that im sending the item to my Friend who presently in one of west Africa country Nigeria on missionary program. i have contact post office for shipping cost to Africa by first class delivery and i was told is about $100 dollar.i will add the $100 dollars for shipping and handling fee to the money because i want the item to be sent Via first class delivery USPS{EMS}Express mail Delivery.pls get back to me with your paypal email address if this is okay for you so i can make a payment via paypal asap Thanks.

Yup. NO.

I googled “Nigerian eBay scams” and needless to say, what they said would happen did happen.

This morning, I got an email from “PayPal” (read: not really PayPal at all) stating that my funds were “now ready!” Only get this - this is the email from them went something like “blahblah blah, ship the item. don’t worry.. you’ll get your money. This is new practice.” All with broken English, naturally. Then this:

The measure is introduced to reduce the high rate of fraud in the society because some sellers do receive money and refuses to ship to the buyer, so when you get back to us with the proof of shipping then your account will be credited immediately with the fund.. 
If you have any question, Please feel free to contact the Customer Support Representative that has been assigned to this particular 

HAHAHAHAHAHHA. DUDES. Please get a copy editor. One that is FLUENT. I mean, come on.

So yeah. My ring didn’t actually sell, so now I’m re-listing. 

Buy it.


Today is Option’s Expiration Day! This probably means nothing to most of you (it happens monthly), so Chase took it upon himself to bankrupt all of you. You are welcome.


Y’all. It’s hot. Make it stop.


I am SUPER excited and a ton nervous about BlogHer ‘10 (in NYC!!) because it’s getting SO. CLOSE.

This week I heard from Heather of the EO that she and a few others approached BlogHer about having a “safe place” for those who were over-stressed, needing some chill time, recovering alcoholics, those who were anxiety-prone (see: yours truly), or just wanted a dang break from The Crazy (I’ve been trying to get a break from The Crazy for YEARS - no dice).

Thus, the Serenity Suite room at Blogher. Here’s more information on it and I encourage all attendees to consider a drop-in if you have just had. enough. Breaks are healthy, people!


For more Quick Takes, hop on over to the Conversion Diary.


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Dude- what a waste of a happy dance. that sucks!

June 18, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBonnie

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