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The Mayor of Idiotville

Riddle me this:

You are marginally addicted to Twitter, and frequently twitpic your food, current ensamble/shoes, or the first interesting thing you see at a new place. You check your twitter feed when you are bored and sitting in a doctor’s office, waiting for your order to come up at a restaurant, or basically any time you feel a sudden surge of partial bordem settle in.

I’m absolutely guilty of these things.

But you know what else I’m guilty of? Locking my doors. I also turn on my alarm at night and check window locks when I clean. You could even say I carry a fair share of anxiety over trying to keep my family safe.

For good reason, I might add!

With that said, I backed out of my driveway last night around 8 PM and while waiting on a very long red light(very, very long), I checked twitter from my iphone. I almost tweet(ed) “On the way to CVS. Conner’s getting an antibiotic for his sinus infection. Hope it helps him” or something to that affect. What I wasn’t considering doing: “Amanda just became the Mayor of CVS on the corner of Atlanta Highway and Taylor Rd”.

Oh! Great! BRB, Robbing you!

Foursquare is a twitter app that people use to TELL THE ENTIRE WORLD WHEN THEY AREN’T AT THEIR HOMES. And honestly it confuses the absolute day lights out of me.

I “get in trouble” often with Michael, and in general with older generations about what they deem “over share”. I have a blog and what I’m doing isn’t abnormal, but it’s very generational. This is just the age we live in. Now, I do have limits and information that I don’t have running as a flash banner across the top of the page, but in general, if people want to find out certain info - they can.

But it is absolutely beyond me why you’d announce your exact location, INCLUDING GPS (that’s what the URL link is in the tweet!!!), to a real-time social networking site that ANYONE can access. is a site that searches Twitter for those morons who feel the need to tell “the whole internet” (Mike’s words for when I “share”) when their house MAY be empty because the occupant(s) has “checked in” (using Foursquare or a similar application) elsewhere.

Even THAT SITE has no taken down the feed stating:

We’re not showing the Twitter messages anymore, as they no longer add anything. If you don’t want your information to show up everywhere, don’t over-share ;-)

But this website not showing the feed any longer doesn’t solve the problem, it just means there’s not a one-stop site for accessing the information.

I did a search on Twitter by typing in “foursquare” into the search box, and since I started typing this post, I have (167) new updates with people tweeting their location.


Why, oh why, would someone announce to the world where they are EXACTLY? Why do people think this is safe? Barely related seeing as SAFETY is the key issue here, but why do people even think others CARE about their real-time location?

It takes a lot to shut me up, but adding a flashing arrow to my home when I’m not there is NOT something you’ll find me announcing.

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Reader Comments (6)

I came across foursquare a few weeks ago; apparently people were using it at SXSW pretty frequently as a way to find friends and meet up.... I guess if you're a pretty popular person that everyone wants to hang out with, or the opposite, it's helpful. Idk. It was unattractive to me for the same reason it is to you, though... I don't -want- everyone to know where I am, and personally I don't think they really care anyway. Shrug.

April 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterClare

See... for an event - it makes sense and I MIGHT actually use it for something like that. BUT, for those who "check in" every time they leave their house, and even when they get back home (hello! weird!), it's just a) excessive and b) unsafe.

Double shrug.

April 7, 2010 | Registered CommenterAmanda Stewart

Ooo, we could do a spin off site of called that shows when dumb drunk girls are tweeting where they're out drinking so roofie peddlers can come find them.

People are stupid.

And as a sister site, I think we should start for those who tweet about getting out of the shower so freakies can come take a few shots. I'm thinking people should also start tweeting things like "OH NO! I remembered I left my car unlocked! Here's the location" and "Crap. Boyfriend is gone for the weekend AND i just realized my front door's dead bolt won't work. Ugh."

I just don't get it.

April 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterAmanda

Excellent ideas! I see no reason that we should not benefit from the stupidity of others.

I must drive right by your house every time I go through your city. I know that exact location!

April 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJenny

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